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Of the 3 paths taken to move up to the next class this ensures that a student is well-rounded in the application of techniques and not only the doing of them. We expect our students to want to use their techniques in real situations, at least at some point, but not everyone is ready for practical application so we also offer the other paths: Passport and Know Yourself.


+ Trials description The Revolution Parkour Trials (Trials) are for RVPK students who have been taking Beginner II classes and are ready to begin Intermediate classes OR students past Intermediate classes who are training to become well-rounded tracers who can apply their knowledge to challenging courses. The Trials exist to reveal the tracer's weaknesses so that they can self-lead beyond the basics and improve their strength and skill.

Trials Level 1, the Green Trial, is set at the bare minimum requirements that we expect of our Intermediate students. Students can expect basic wall climbs, vaults, and will be expected to execute the movements that they've learned in class safely and efficiently as some of the challenges will be timed.

Trials Level 10 (The Limit) is set at the limit of human capability (as we conquer old records each year The Limit will be updated.) Each level between 1 and The Limit becomes increasingly more difficult.

+ Challenges Each Trial has 5 challenges within it that range from: technique, speed, endurance, power, strength, distance, memory, apprehension of technical instruction, agility, balance, precision, and flow. The challenges change per season and location but are held within the parameters of the level requirements and limits.

+ Wristbands At the beginning when a student starts class they begin with a white wristband.

They are completely optional to wear but not wearing a wristband communicates to instructors when there are new students in the class. Upon completion of a level members are awarded with a new wristband for that class level. There are additional costs for students who are not members.

The wristbands serve not only as a marker of your achievement but also as a tool for Instructors to use during regular classes. The wristband gives them a heads up to the physical capabilities of the students in their classes, so that they can better tailor their instruction to each student and set up courses that are appropriate to students’ skill level. Wristbands can also help a student identify which other students might be able to help them if they have a question or need clarification on a technique.

+ At What level do I start trials?

Trials are available for Level 2 students and above:

  • Green Trial is for Level 2 (BegPK2) students passing into Level 3 (IntPK1)
  • Blue Trial is for Level 3 (IntPK1) students passing into Level 4 (IntPK2)
  • Purple Trial is for Level 4 (IntPK2) students passing into Level 5 (AdvPK1)
  • Brown Trial is for Level 5 (AdvPK1) students passing into Level 6 (AdvPK2)
  • Black Trial is for Level 6 (AdvPK2) students passing into Level 7 (ExpPK1)