General Information

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Typical Class + Requirements

All classes are an hour long (unless otherwise noted) and are supervised by a Revolution Parkour Academy instructor who are ACE certified in CPR and First Aid.  Our classes are set up so that the students warm up for 10 minutes and then move to the days instruction followed by a 10 minute cool down. Some classes allow for free time.

Students must be 8 years or older to participate in classes during our regular schedule. See class schedule for age limitations specific to individual classes.

Students ages 5-7 may participate in our Junior Parkour 10-week series.

Class reservations are highly recommended, as classes can reach maximum capacity.

Class Descriptions

Junior parkour I

For students ages 5-7 who are interested in starting parkour classes. 

At the end of the series students will receive a physical or verbal report card that will ask them stay in Junior Parkour I or allow them to move onto Junior Parkour II.
Note: Only offered as a ten week series.

Junior Parkour II

For students ages 5-7 who are interested in continuing parkour classes and joining our regular schedule.

Students who pass Junior Parkour II will be invited to join our regular schedule.
Note: Only offered as a ten week series.

Beginner Parkour

For students ages 8-76 who are interested in learning basic parkour techniques through technical instruction including a strong focus on safety.

Beginner Parkour II

The second step of your parkour journey.

Beginner Parkour II pre-requisites:

  • Parkour Roll (Both Sides)
  • Safety Vault (Step Vault) (Both Sides)
  • 5' Wall Climb
  • Lazy Vault
  • Speed-Lazy Vault (Thief Vault)
  • Reverse Vault
  • Underbar
  • 4' Precision on White Blocks
  • Kickstop
  • Know what a Kong Vault is
  • Know of the Running, Standing, and Plyo Take Offs
  • Know what a Cat is
  • Interest in progressing and getting better at parkour!

Intermediate Parkour

Continue technical instruction, learn advanced movements, build strength, and begin fluidity.

Prerequisites: Pass Seasonal Trials Level 1 or receive instructor approval.

Intermediate Parkour II

Incorporating intermediate & advanced parkour concepts including supplemental movement skills, mental acuity, fluidity, focus, and performance training.

Prerequisites: Pass Seasonal Trials Level 3 or receive instructor approval.


Train like David Belle in this dynamic parkour class. Train for distance, performance, endurance and speed by traversing challenging courses and sharpening parkour techniques. This class is typically 3 separate obstacles where the practitioner tries to complete as many laps as they can within a time limit before rotating to the next obstacle.

Prerequisites: Taking Beginner Parkour II classes at a minimum. The range of the class is from Beginner PK II to Advanced PK II.

PK Games

A class packed with games and obstacle courses designed to augment your parkour training and overall have fun!

Prerequisites: None. A good attitude helps!

Workshop Parkour (Ages 13+)

A class designed to challenge you through a new mini workshop each month! A different theme is rotated each month in order to develop a tracer's* perspective and provide application for the parkour method. 
Ages 13+ or with instructor permission.

Prerequisites: Ages 13+. Each month the skill level changes and is posted at the front desk.
Intensity: Varies. 
Each month the intensity changes and is posted at the front desk.

Note: We do not answer the phone at the front desk during this class but the front desk staff will be present and possibly participating during this class.

Open Gym

Learn something in class that you want to practice? This is your time to share the gym and work on what you want. All Open Gyms are supervised by an instructor and require a certain level of situational awareness in order to maintain a safe training environment.

Open Gym is a time to practice and NOT to goof off. Students must be 14 years or older OR members who are working on things they've learned in class to attend open gyms. See class schedule for age limitations specific to individual open gyms.

Beginner Flips

Take this class to learn front flips, side flips, palm spins, vaulting flips, and variations of flips and spins.

Prerequisites: Taking Beginner Parkour II classes at a minimum.


A freerunning class for those that have the foundational tools from parkour and are prepared to push themselves in an area of expression beyond efficiency. We do not have a regularly scheduled freerunning class but one could be made available during a private lesson upon request.


Traceur - Male practitioner of parkour.
Traceuse - Female practitioner of parkour.
*Tracer - Both male and female practitioners.