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We offer three different ways that our students can move on to the next parkour class.
For most students we recommend doing both the Class Passport and Trials.

Class Passport

Record what you learn using a list of techniques with helpful tips and parkour terminology in the Revolution Parkour Class Passports. Upon completion ask your instructor to pass you into the next class.


Take 5 challenges in the Revolution Parkour Trials. If you pass all of the challenges then you pass into the next class. Only available after completion of the Beginner Parkour II class.

Know Yourself

The most difficult way to move up to the next class level. We highly recommend this to students who have a vast movement background. Requires instructor permission to move to the next class.



While parkour is for the student seeking movement efficiency, Freerunning is for students who see the world as a place to express their movement freedom through acrobatics. Freerunning is a separate discipline. For students to learn Flips they must also continue to learn parkour to build strength and so that they can eventually put acrobatic movements into parkour lines. We encourage students at higher levels to take Freerunning classes, in addition to parkour, in order to increase air awareness and increase their movement proficiency.